Finding Happiness During Transitions

Happiness is precious because if I do something every day that makes me happy, then situations will be easier to resolve. Being happy is the top priority because it gives me confidence and a positive outlook. When life gets busy, it is easy to forget about happiness. Reminding myself and taking action on what I truly want will bring me joy.

I recently went through transitions with my job and relationships with people. It was overwhelming because there were so many expectations and responsibilities. I thought opening up to everyone would be helpful, but it was draining. I listened to people’s opinions, but I did not set boundaries to protect my feelings. My friends and family tried to help, but some do not know the whole story because we do not talk regularly. 

Taking On New Responsibilities 

In December, I received a promotion at one of my jobs with a conversion from a temporary to permanent employee, more hours and responsibilities, and became an accounting associate. I was happy for this opportunity because it was my next step in my career, and I learned to manage a heavy workload. When I have job interviews in the future, if companies question whether I can handle the workload, I have the experience to answer their questions and concerns.

Before the promotion, I was only doing social media, and then I was designated to take on most of the accounting responsibilities. The six-week training for accounting tasks was an adjustment. I also work accounting 25 hours a week at SJSU, so working around 50 hours a week at both jobs was daunting. It means doing double the accounting work. With my disability, transitions take longer to get used to because I use more energy to control my muscles and spasticity. 

6 Replies to “Finding Happiness During Transitions”

  1. I absolutely love this post; it’s so vulnerable and real. Your healing and recognition that you need boundaries to protect your feelings are so relatable. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I especially love the part about not bringing up topics that unsettle you. It’s our lives and we don’t need to share things we’re not comfortable with, especially with people who are not involved in our everyday lives!

  3. Maddy, thank you for writing this wonderful article. I love it. I’m finding transitions are constantly occurring in my life. I get discouraged, caught up in the busy-ness, drained and so on.
    I will be benefiting with your approach recommendation. First, is to look and engage in what makes me happy every day.
    2nd, feeling good and confidence happens. 3rd is positive outlook follows . 4th is I can take action and resolve my challenges much easier!
    Great job for directing me to develop mental fitness! I’m learning everyday!

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