Lifestyle of Fitness

Benefits of Fitness

It is incredible to go to the gym and feel like an athlete. Gym members complement your hard work and how strong you are. Outside the gym, you have the strength to conquer your daily routines and unpredictable situations. Exercising helps you form endurance for a long day of working, doing chores, and having a social life. Fitness is the healthiest stress reliever because you can let it out on your workout while gaining muscle and maintaining or losing weight. It also gives you confidence because it feels good when you see the outcome.

Video of my workouts

Steps of my Fitness Journey 

People who evaluated my physical disabilities put limitations on me. In my past, I could not concentrate on my studies, got tired easily, and needed help on everything. I did not have the stamina to do many activities. I resolved this problem by making fitness part of my lifestyle.

I always had an athletic and competitive side in me. I like winning, cheering, and having fun. When I was younger, I watched my sister and cousins’ volleyball and soccer games. I enjoyed seeing their fire in their eyes and having great teamwork. I got along with people on sports teams. During college, I hung out with students in baseball, wrestling, volleyball, and soccer. They appreciate my physical uniqueness and strength of my disabilities. We currently motivate each other to stay fit and active.

49ersfit- San Jose, CA. My friend placed 7th at NAIA National Champions for Women’s wresting in 2019

CrossFit became part of my life during my sophomore year of high school. My physical education professor included and motivated me by believing I had the similar abilities as my peers. We just had to modify the workouts and he bought me adapted equipment. We spent time making sure I had the right form, my peers were interacting with me, and he pushed me so hard. This was the first step in falling in love with fitness.

The Gyms

My fitness journey has been great. After I graduated from college, I joined a CrossFit gym for a year and had a personal trainer monthly. Once my trainer said, “I like to challenge you because I know you can do it.”  After a year, I switched to 49ersFit because the gym was lively, fun, huge, and had so much equipment. The staff members got excited to greet me and sometimes they would yell my name while I workout. The gym was my happy place by listening to loud music, having intensity, and getting stronger.

My Workout Routine

In September 2019, I became a participant for a strength training study for people with cerebral palsy at San Jose State University. For a couple of months, I met with my student personal trainers twice a week at my gym. They say that I am the best type of participant because I am consistent, always ready, have a positive attitude, and do not make excuses. While working hard at the gym, we pretty much laugh the whole time too. For the past two years, I have been working out three times a week and go on hikes and walks when I can.  

Montalvo TrailSaratoga, CA

Fitness is amazing for everyone. It can be as simple as walking in your neighborhood or working out at home. Fitness should be part of your lifestyle. Your body will last longer and have more energy. It also makes you keep in touch with your community by keeping active together. Go sweat, get sore, and feel the burn.

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  1. Hi Maddy,
    It is so good to see you in person on the video:) You are such a great inspiration, Keep good work going!

  2. Yay Maddie! I love your message. I have worked out in one form or another most of my life. It makes a huge difference. I also have CP. As I’ve aged, I’ve had to mix things up, but I keep at it. Swimming is what I love now. Keep it up!

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