Managing Multiple Situations at Once

The waiting game causes stress. I want to show that people with disabilities have to deal with tough situations when they are bombarded with many things at once like we all have to do.

Thinking of all I have to do. Hiking and exercising are great ways to relieve stress. 

Job Search Program

Starting in August, I was debating on continuing on my job search. I wanted to continue with a company that helps me with my job search because I provide advice to their clients and participate in the job club discussions. I enjoy giving my insight. I was the only one with a disability in the workforce, and I provided my experiences to give their clients hope. In contrast, I did not want to continue because I hadn’t had an interview since March, and there were fewer job postings.

Reconsidering Studying for CPA Exams

Mid August, I was talking to my friends; one of them passed 2 of the 4 of the CPA exams, and another one was applying for graduate school. It made me reconsider studying for the CPA exams again. Even though I stopped studying for it last year, I am in a different place right now; I have a new joy for learning, and having my CPA license will help me get a higher position in accounting. However, I put studying on a little hold while focusing on my interview. 

Getting an Interview

When I received an interview at another department at SJSU, I decided to continue my job search. I prepared for a couple of hours for the interview, and the interview went well. They were the most accepting interviewers, asked over fifteen questions, and were patient while I type my responses. I was glad I continued with the company that helps with job searching because it was closing business, and I ended on a high note. I was hopeful that I would get a full-time position. Until the executive director at one of my jobs wanted to do an urgent zoom call.

Sometimes life is like a dam when it is time to release, water comes out all at once. When the time comes, you least expect your things will come in place.

Busy at Work

In one week, there were many changes at the nonprofit, and positions had to be reallocated. So the executive director requested that I can have more hours and responsibilities. At this time; I have been waiting a week for the interview response, busy closing the month in accounting in SJSU, and working on the newsletter because the marketer left at the nonprofit. A few days later, I accepted the extra hours because I had the feeling that I didn’t get the SJSU position. I was right; SJSU emailed me the next day that it pursued another candidate.

My Decision 

I have been stressed and confused for a few weeks. I was unsure of the endpoint, but I got clarity at the end. I did not receive a new job and received extra hours at my current job because I need time for my projects. Currently, I am writing my memoir, working on starting my online business, studying for the CPA exam, doing my job search, and writing these blog posts. I can’t say there is certainty with all these, but they are my dreams I want to achieve. There will be glimpses of failure, but I have to continue and let in the support of others.

My Advice To How You Can Approach Your Goals

Sometimes you might feel like you are drowning in life decisions, and you have to ride them out. You will be pulled in different ways, and do not want to do something, but you should because it may come handy in the future. Do not fear to work on things because you might not get it now, but you will at a later point. At least work at something similar to your goal, and it does not have to be what you initially imagined.

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  1. Hey Maddy –

    It sounds like you have a lot going on! Good for you on keeping those plates spinning because you really do never know what opportunities will present themselves. Thanks as always for sharing your experience.

  2. It’s funny how life works out sometimes. Don’t be discouraged if things don’t turn out how you thought they would. I hope you continue to work hard and pursue your dream! Sometimes there are lots of detours on the way to the destination.

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