Maui Adventures

Hawaii has always been a special place for me; nature, culture, beaches, adventures, food, and people. My first trip to Hawaii was when I was one year old, and I have traveled back several times after that. Growing up, I enjoyed going to luaus, watching Lilo & Stitch, and wearing florals. In college, I became best friends with three people from Hawaii, and they treat me like family.  Fun fact: I got hired at both of my current jobs after I arrived back from Hawaii. Hawaii is my lucky charm.

My trip to Maui in August was my first real vacation in three years. After months of staying home and working long hours, I went all out in Maui. It was different being in a crowded airport and flying. I do not like flying, and there was a lot of turbulence during the last 30 minutes of the flight. Sometimes you have to face your fears to land in paradise. There was so much to see; I walked 3-5 miles a day for a week. I ate so much meat and desserts. 

Kaanapali beach hotel is one of the most cultural hotels in Maui.

Traveling with My Parents and Best Friend 

My parents desire me to be an experienced traveler and research sights that are accessible. My parents want me to learn and see other cultures. People might think people with disabilities do not travel much because it is extra work. Why should we let it stop us? We need to see the world and adapt to new places. Traveling can strengthen bonds too. For years, my best friend and I mostly had quick hangouts. During the first year of the pandemic, we had weekly FaceTimes. When I visited him in Maui, we learned so much about each other that we did not before. Activities like hiking, sailing, shopping, and spending time with our families made a huge difference. We already know each other a lot, but traveling with friends makes friendships closer.

Beaches, Hiking Trails, and Sights

Iao Valley: It is an accessible forest with a paved 0.6-mile walk to the viewpoint of the lush valley and streams and waterfalls. It is so peaceful and calming.

Honolua Bay Access Trail: This trail was shaded and flat. It felt like I was in a jungle. Chickens were walking around. The trail leads to the bay with calm waters where people can go snorkeling. I wished I had my swim gear and just floated in the water. The water was too rough near my hotel; I wanted to go in the water in Honolua Bay!

Kaanapali Beach: A popular tourist place where people stay. It is a row of hotels steps away from the beach. I can easily walk to Whalers Village where it has shops and restaurants. Kaanapali Beach is great because everything is easily accessible. 

Lahaina: Main Street has art galleries, restaurants, and local shops overlooking the ocean. My friend and I had pina coladas at a restaurant viewing the ocean and shops. It gets pretty crowded at night.

Waihee Ridge Trail: A beautiful trail and cool weather. Tourists do not go there, so it was not crowded at all. It is a medium-level hike. You can see a waterfall from far away. 

Food: I am a foodie and I go to the best restaurants. I had pina coladas and kalua pork almost every day. I ate Kona mud pie, scallops, shrimp, calamari, pizza, and coconut cream pie. The food was amazing.

Hope this post gets you excited to plan your future vacation!!!!

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