Proud of My Disabilities

By celebrating Disability Pride Month in July, I wanted to tell you why I am proud of my disabilities. I wouldn’t be who I am without my disabilities. I became fierce, brave, smart, curious, loving, outgoing, bold, and motivated. I am a well-balanced person because I enjoy helping others, working, spending time with friends and family, staying active, and doing self-care.

Pismo Beach, CA
Dreaming & Reflecting at Pismo Beach, CA

Who I Wanted to be

While learning how to accept my disabilities, I had many restrictions and limitations during my childhood. These made me claustrophobic because I felt trapped. Then I started to have realistic dreams and goals. I wanted to be intelligent, stylish, outgoing, and funny. I hoped to get my college degree and have a stable job so I can support myself. I always wanted to work. I wanted a squad of close friends. My parents did everything to make me successful, and I want to give them the support back. For a long time, I never thought my dreams would come through until I believed in myself. I jumped into good and bad situations. Bad situations taught me to get through things when I faced with conflict and discrimination. This bumpy road taught me how to stand up for myself.

Skills with Disabilities

My disabilities make me excel in my life. I enjoy consistency planning and organizing. Because of my speech impairment, I have to read people to see their tolerance to differences. With each person I encounter, I have to adapt my way of teaching them to communicate with me. I have a great intuition because I can sense what others are feeling.

Currently, I am taking steps to follow my dreams. Dreams are not one-stop, and that is it. You have to maintain what you want. I am fortunate that I have my bachelors degree, two jobs, and close family and friends. I got what I wanted, but it takes work, patience, and effort to maintain your dreams. There are moments of happiness ever after, but you have to face the tough times of reality too.

Times Square, New York
Times Square, New York is fulfilling, bright, energetic, and happy. People often dream about coming here, and it’s breathtaking when they are in this atmosphere.

How to Power Through?

Having pride in your disability means being proud of who you are. Disabilities are an extra ingredient to someone’s life, which the person has to adapt as anyone else would. People with disabilities do things differently, but that is the way they feel comfortable.

You might have a hard time getting a new job or navigating different types of relationships. If you keep pushing for what you want, eventually you will get it. Maybe you don’t get it, but you can take different avenues to get you to your end goal. Your career, all your relationships you have, and your bucket list do not need a timeline.

8 Replies to “Proud of My Disabilities”

  1. Great blog post Maddy! It’s inspiring to hear how you’ve taken your disability and turned it into a positive aspect of your life. This reminds me of my father who has a disability and his motto is, “Even though I have one arm, I work as if I had three!”

  2. Awesome Maddy! It’s always great to hear your perspective and how you navigate through the world with such a bright light.

  3. Awesome, and well said Maddy! Very proud of you! You never cease to amaze me with your accomplishments and positivity ❤️

  4. YES!!!!!!! Maddy I couldn’t be more happy for you or proud of you! Do you remember in middle school when I had you read the article in People magazine about the beauty queen with CP? I knew that could be you with your strength and style. You are beautiful inside and out. I hope you inspire others to overcome challenges and become their BEST self, because we ALL have challenges. BRAVO!!!!!

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