Successes & Obstacles with Cerebral Palsy

March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and Cerebral Palsy (CP) comes with extraordinary gifts and challenges. I was diagnosed with CP at birth due to a delayed delivery and lack of oxygen in the brain. CP affects my balance, speech, spasticity, and fine motor functions. I was born on November 13. My birth was a traumatic experience where my mom and I almost did not survive. Even as a newborn, I was able to fight for my life. 13 is traditionally an unlucky number. However, I converted 13 to my lucky number because it is the day I survived the impossible. Throughout my life, I turned negatives into positives.

Featured Guest on a Podcast: Don’t Let The Disability Fool You

In December, I had the opportunity to be a guest on a podcast by Domo Jones called “Don’t Let The Disability Fool You.” The purpose of her podcast is to have people with disabilities tell their stories. For many years, I did not talk about my CP because people usually overlook it or did not take the time to learn how it affects me. They only knew me as someone with a physical disability. 

Click the link below to listen to the podcast episode!

I started to talk about my CP openly early last year. I talked to one of my best friends about job interviews; he said to talk about how I overcame challenges with CP. I had two years of discrimination applying to jobs because I can’t speak clearly. The two great things that my best friend said about my CP are that I should not be embarrassed with him and he is not afraid to ask me hard questions. He created a safe place for me to tell him specific details. During this pandemic, I learned that I have to share my story with my CP. I can help people become comfortable with interacting with people who have disabilities. Domo Jones reached out to me to do her podcast; I was finally ready to speak about my CP and had another good friend speak on my behalf.

Being a Child with Cerebral Palsy 

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  1. Gosh…you really blossomed! Your words are powerful and discriptive! Have you thought about being a writer or atleast an editor?

  2. Maddy, what an inspiring blog.👍You are an incredible human being, and this is very motivational, not only to everyone with disability, but anyone who feel down, or defeated with their shortcomings. I’m a fan of yours since you were a little one. Go girl!👏❣️

  3. You are traveling on a beautiful journey in life Your positiveness, will give you strength to continue to educate and inspire .You have a family always supportive .You are blessed.

  4. A very motivational and inspiring blog. You inspire a lot of people especially those with physical disabilities… Congratulations!!!

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