You’re Invited to a Networking Mixer!

Networking can get you a job, you can connect friends and family to companies that might hire them, get advice from professionals in your field to advance your career, etc. Networking is the best tool for your career.

InHerShoes is partnering with an SFSU student organization called Management Organization for Business Students (MOBS) for a virtual networking mixer event. It is on Monday, March 8th from 6:00-8:00 PM PT.

Register for this event by clicking the link below! This eventbrite has five events listed; click the Tickets bottom for March 8th to register. Feel free to register for the other events you might be interested in attending as well.

Two Wonderful InHerShoes Members Leading the Breakout Rooms 

Laurel Komos – Senior Experience Consultant @ Salesforce Media/Creative Breakout Room

“Networking ideally turns into an ongoing reciprocal relationship. Even after you meet for the first time, continue to reach out if you have an article that feels pertinent to their interests or expertise, consider them for opportunities, connect them with other people in their space, etc.” -Laurel

Syrena Bui – Associate Product Manager @ ServeNow – Business Breakout Room

 “Take a deep breath and ask yourself what you want to get out of the networking event. To learn new skills? Use skills you’ve learned in the past? Connect with people to have a meaningful relationship? Whatever it is, come prepared to actively listen, engage, and most importantly, have fun!” – Syrena

Attendees will listen to the speakers’ networking tips, their experiences from their early careers, and how they advanced in their careers. It is a mixer, you can ask personal questions that can lead you further in your career. The mixer will have speakers in industries in business, tech, and creative. After the panel of speakers finish their 30 minutes Q&A and discussion, the attendees will use the speakers’ networking tools to network with each other in breakout rooms.

My Personal Experience with Networking

Networking got me my first two jobs. My college career counselor connected with the CEO of a nonprofit and my aunt connected me to a tax manager at an accounting firm. I did both internships during college and that experience helped me get my job at SJSU three months after graduation. I also help others network too. One day I was attending a webinar about mentoring and the nonprofit hosted the event mentor kids. I thought it was a perfect place for my best friend to work because he works well with the youth and is an HR major. The nonprofit hired him and kept promoting him. I also do social media for a nonprofit that helps people with disabilities find jobs, so I post advice for job searching.

Networking is not only to find a job for yourself. It has many opportunities for you and others around you. InHerShoes Bay Area: Early Career Networking event will help you explore the many avenues of networking and meeting great professionals.

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